We Offer A Variety Of Creative Services

We believe a website should add value to your business. We only take on clients for SEO who we believe can significantly rise in organic searches. Our standard recommended web design uses high-quality photos of you and your staff, instead of just stock photos like other companies, to give your site a classy, custom look and to give prospective clients a sense of security in choosing your firm.

Your website belongs to you. We don’t “rent” websites and content to our clients like some companies do. We don’t use AdWords or pay-per-click targeted ads that can lead to surprise costs. We offer affordable one-time flat fee arrangements. We turn the keys for a fully functioning website over to you and you only have to pay for your nominal annual domain and hosting fees to your independent provider.


A sophisticated and modern website is an important feature of a law firm, even when the law firm’s clients will primarily come from referrals. New and existing clients expect a law firm to have a website that reflects its success. In addition, a law firm’s website can be its most powerful tool in managing its reputation. Your website is your face to the world.

For that reason, we design personal and unique websites that showcase your strengths, highlight your successes, and uses custom photos and video to personally introduce you to your new clients and to reaffirm your relationships with your existing clients.

The attorney-client relationship is a special one built on trust. In this era, clients are looking for real, local, and trustworthy counselors. As a local Southern California web design company, we are uniquely situated to provide the synergy of custom written content based on our relationship with your firm, high-definition personal photographs of you and your staff in your office, and high-definition video content providing potential clients insight into your practice.


Google is trying to provide search results to people that are relevant and useful. If your business is the “real deal,” Google wants your business to be a top result. On the other hand, search engines are trying to avoid websites that appear to be gaming the system or using tricks to increase traffic. Our clients are businesses who should be among the top results but aren’t. Their websites need to be optimized so that search engines view them as important and rank them highly.

Our approach is holistic. A law firm’s online presence isn’t served by spam or irrelevant directories. Rather, good marketing techniques drive real local potential clients to your site, not just “traffic” or “likes.” Generally if an online marketing technique doesn’t have independent value, it doesn’t add value to your site. By following this philosophy, our clients have not only had success in Google rankings, but also have the added benefit of potential business from other legitimate online resources.


Real photos and videos of you and your law firm are a critical part of your website because they reassure clients that you are real local attorneys. Let’s face it, there are a lot of fakers on the internet – websites using 1-800 numbers and stock photos attempting to redirect the unwitting to less than trustworthy businesses. A principal goal of any potential client in this online atmosphere is to avoid wasting time sifting through those sites and finding a real person to talk to. High-quality images of you and your staff can quickly set you apart from even legitimate law firms that, unfortunately, relied on impersonal webdesign and stock photos.

High-definition video, even short 15 to 30 second clips, of you and your attorneys can similarly reassure potential clients of your competence in a particular area of law. In addition, video can provide a more complete picture of you to potential clients and create an immediate sense of familiarity with you. When a client calls you, they may feel like they already know you. If a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth a million.